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DNCE is an American pop band formed in 2015, known for their catchy tunes and vibrant energy. The band consists of lead vocalist Joe Jonas, drummer Jack Lawless, bassist and keyboardist Cole Whittle, and guitarist JinJoo Lee. DNCE quickly gained popularity with their debut single “Cake by the Ocean,” which became a global hit and showcased their funky, dance-pop sound. Their self-titled debut EP, released in 2015, and subsequent full-length album “DNCE” in 2016, featured other popular tracks such as “Toothbrush” and “Body Moves.” The band’s unique blend of pop, funk, and rock elements, along with their playful and energetic performances, has earned them a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Beyond their musical achievements, DNCE is known for their distinctive style and engaging music videos, which often feature whimsical and fun themes. The band members’ individual talents and chemistry contribute to their dynamic sound and stage presence. They have toured extensively, performing at various festivals and venues around the world, and have collaborated with other artists, including Nicki Minaj on the single “Kissing Strangers.” DNCE’s innovative approach to pop music and their commitment to delivering high-energy entertainment continue to solidify their place in the contemporary music scene.