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Kool Keith

Kool Keith, born Keith Matthew Thornton on October 7, 1963, in The Bronx, New York, is an American rapper, record producer, and founding member of the pioneering hip-hop group Ultramagnetic MCs. Known for his eccentric style, innovative lyrics, and alter egos, Kool Keith has been a significant influence in the hip-hop community.

Kool Keith started his career with Ultramagnetic MCs in the mid-1980s. The group’s debut album, “Critical Beatdown” (1988), is considered a classic in the genre, showcasing Keith’s unique lyrical style and the group’s innovative production techniques. His inventive wordplay and offbeat flow set him apart from his contemporaries.

In 1996, Kool Keith reinvented himself as Dr. Octagon, releasing the critically acclaimed album “Dr. Octagonecologyst.” This album, produced by Dan the Automator, featured surreal and often bizarre lyrics, blending elements of hip-hop, electronic music, and psychedelia. The character of Dr. Octagon became one of his most famous alter egos, and the album cemented his reputation as an avant-garde artist in hip-hop.

Throughout his career, Kool Keith has released numerous solo albums and collaborated with various artists across different genres. His other notable alter egos include Black Elvis, Dr. Dooom, and Tashan Dorrsett. Albums like “Black Elvis/Lost in Space” (1999) and “Matthew” (2000) further showcased his versatility and creativity.

Kool Keith’s influence on hip-hop is profound, with his experimental approach and willingness to push boundaries inspiring many artists. He remains an active and innovative figure in the music industry, continually reinventing himself and exploring new sounds.